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"This has been one of the most important certifications I have attended. Not only was it hugely beneficial and transformational to me on a personal level, it gave me new skills to be able to help others on their healing journey"
Dan Smith - London

Heal Your Life® Teacher Training based on the work of
Louise Hay

Welcome to Dialogues
and to new beginnings

We are the leading provider in the UK of Heal Your Life® Teacher Training courses based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.

The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training offers you the opportunity to become a licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader.  You will learn to teach your own workshops and study groups based on Louise Hay’s best selling book You Can Heal Your Life.


We are proud to announce that this Teacher Training Course is authorised by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay


Register now and help others make positive and lasting changes in their lives. Join the next Heal Your Life® Teacher Training and enjoy the new beginnings, which you and those who attend your workshops will experience.

If you are looking to transform and enrich your life by participating in a workshop or study group, our Teachers Directory will provide you with details of licensed Heal Your Life® teachers in your area.

We would be delighted if you were to choose the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training as the next step in your personal and professional development and we very much look forward to meeting you and to welcoming you on to the course.

With warm wishes

Sharon Shingler
Course Organiser - Dialogues


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Louise Hay
Louise Hay

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