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"The best investment
I have ever made in me and my life "
Vanessa Hughes
Malvern Link, Worcester

Benefits of the Teacher Training

Is This The Right Course For You?
You will find the course invaluable if you are committed to your own personal growth.  The Heal Your Life® Teacher Training is most definitely for you if you have found Louise Hay’s philosophies a positive influence in your life and you have a strong desire to share this work with others. Participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds: some are at the beginning of their careers, there are others ready to make a career change or there are those who wish to integrate their learning into existing careers. One thing they all have in common is a desire to make a difference and a commitment and passion to help others. 


How Can The Training Benefit You?
Quality Assured.

It is the only UK Heal Your Life® Teacher Training authorised by Hay House, Inc.,
There is no other course in the UK authorised to license trainees as Heal Your Life® workshop leaders. You can be assured that the training is approved and recognised by Louise Hay and her publishing company.

Ethical guidelines for the workshop leaders
We are committed to the professional standards of the licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leaders and to this end we ask each one to commit by signing the Ethical Guidelines which is a clear professional framework in which our teachers are expected to conduct themselves.

View the Ethical Guidelines for Heal Your Life® Workshop Leaders >>

Quality of the course content
There are many reasons for the success of our training not least the exceptional quality of the course content. The materials you receive and the ongoing support further enhance the quality of the course.

You will benefit from hands on experience gained on the 7-days training, which not only gives you the confidence to start sharing the work but also ensures that you are at a professional standard that will benefit those attending your workshops and study groups.We are convinced that our training course is the best available in this field and its reputation is unparallel.  We limit the number of participants to ensure the standard of training is not compromised and each year we are over subscribed.

Quality of the course leader
We are delighted to have Eileen Clair facilitating the Teacher Training for us in the UK. Eileen is an inspirational teacher who is highly qualified with a great deal of experience, enthusiasm and love for the work. We believe she is one of the very best Heal Your Life® Teacher Trainers and for you to become a successful Heal Your Life® workshop leader the best person to learn from is a trainer that has successfully taught the work and has professional recognition and an exceptional reputation.

An investment in yourself
You may gain wonderful insights from reading books and listening to audios but to share the information with others in a meaningful and structured way you need training to deepen your knowledge and experience. The investment in your learning will in turn ensure that your clients are receiving from you the very best you can give them.You will experience 7 days of inspirational teachings, surrounded by like-minded people. It has been described many times by participants as ‘the best week of their lives!’

A new career path

It is both gratifying and rewarding to choose and develop a career path that gives you personal as well as professional satisfaction.

The skills, knowledge and experience you gain at the training are yours to integrate in your life in whatever way you choose, they go with you wherever you go. You have the freedom to use them as you please: you can decide how many groups you run, how often, how large and where. The rewards you receive not only financially but also on a personal level are limitless.


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This Course would suit anybody who is interested in living a wonderfully fulfilled life.
Patsy Brady
Dublin, Ireland

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