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"My experience of the Teacher Training was that is was the most uplifting experience of my life. I felt inspired and empowered"
Janet Connor
Co. Antrim, Ireland


Participants travel from all over the world to attend the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training.  To date they have come from over 70 different countries, taking this wonderful work back with them to share with others.  Many have described the training as ‘the best week of their lives!’  But don’t just take our word for it - here is what a few participants had to say.

I found the whole course to be truly inspirational, empowering and life changing. It delivered a brilliant program of love with great sensitivity that was both safe and transformational.
Millie Hewit - Erdington, Birmingham

I was blown away by the content of the course.  It exceeded all my expectations.  If there is anyone who is on the brink of wanting to help others this is an amazing course to attend.  It will boost your confidence enormously.
Sheela Masand - Alicante, Spain

If you want to change your life Ė this course is the perfect way to learn how to do it.
Melanie Rainey - Coventry, Warwickshire

A very inspiring and uplifting week meeting loads of like-minded people.
Majella Callaghan - Dublin, Ireland 

I was amazed at how much emerged in such a short space of time. I felt safe, supported and loved in letting go of the old and opening my heart to the new. I feel so grateful for the experience and leave with the confidence to help others find their own power.
Jo Jawo - Kent

I had the most wonderful healing experience and met so many special people.  The course was delivered in a beautiful humble manner and was sensitive of everyone’s needs.  I would highly recommend this week to change your life.
Brid Harty - Co. Tipperary, Ireland 

A well structured and well delivered course which created real opportunities for personal growth and healing in a loving and supportive atmosphere. Thank you!
Fiona Monro - Dunbartonshire, Scotland

The Course had given me the tools to grow as a person and to take and share Louise Hay’s philosophies into my community and help heal the planet.
Margaret Cawley - Southall, Middlesex

Transformational, uplifting, and truly empowering, presented by gifted individuals. Attend the training and be empowered to help change yourself and others.
Mala Mandalia - Northampton 

A truly profound experience that has helped me make sense of patterns within my life and how to connect with the power within to change.
Bernie Price - Birkenhead, Merseyside

This training brought me along an amazing journey in a very sensitive and safe way. I felt totally supportive to learn and grow, enabling me to enrich my own ability to facilitate others on their journey. Thank you very much.
Kim Davies - Plumstead, London

This course is both inspirational and transformational. A truly marvellous experience, which changes live dramatically for the better.
Carol Townend - Leicestershire

The most supportive training course I have been on. You have truly passed on the teachings in such a way that empowers me to continue to share the work of Louise Hay and run my own workshops.
Lauren Manning - London

A great personal experience with great training materials to carry on the work.
Michelle Davies - Pontyclun, Wales

A wonderful experience in which it is perfectly safe to learn more about yourself and gain the skills to be a workshop leader. Excellent.
Julie Burbidge - Saltburn, N.Yorkshire

I came on the training course to learn but never dreamt how much I would take away with me. The support from the trainers and the other participants is incredible, allowing you to freely release all those old ways and embrace the new. An incredible week with incredible people!
Susan Smith - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This week will change your life forever. I cannot recommend the Course highly enough!
Lindy Irving. Glasgow, Scotland

A life-transforming programme. Inspirational and simple. An easy way to transform a personís life and for this person to transform the lives of others. Thank You!
Dimitra Kerpinioti. Athens, Greece

I found the course incredibly inspiring. This week has been amazing and opened doors I didnít know existed. I will forever be grateful.
Lisbeth Skau-Nilsen - Skallestad, Norway



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