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"The Heal Your Life® teacher training will open your heart to more love, expand your mind to the amazing possibilities for your life, nourish your soul, AND provide you with the materials and skills for sharing the Heal Your Life® work with others. Please join me in this wonderful journey, as we work together to heal the planet, one person at a time"
Eileen Clair.

Course Leader

Eileen Clair
For 20 years Eileen has been leading the powerful Heal Your Life® Workshops. She has a wealth of experience and leads from a place of honesty, humility and integrity. She is an authorised and licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher Trainer, Coach and Business Trainer.

Eileen is highly regarded for her wise, compassionate and inspirational teaching. She was personally chosen to be the Heal Your Life® Teacher Trainer for England by Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols of Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, who have been awarded the exclusive licensing agreement with Hay House, Inc., to offer the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training and to authorise trainees as Heal Your Life® workshop leaders.

"Eileen is an exceptional facilitator, and lives what she shares. She made taking what I thought would be difficult steps, effortless. I would highly recommend experiencing the fine work of Eileen Clair"
T.Molony, Business Psychologist (Ireland)

"Eileen is a intuitive teacher and coach with a wellspring of inner strength. She has a natural ability to understand exactly what someone needs at exactly the time needed."
Kailah (UK)


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