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"Thank You! You have taught me that all the answers I require are within me. You have given me the opportunity to recognise my worth and the confidence to utilise it. I am forever grateful"
Jo Dance
Warash, Southampton

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® Workshop

The 2 Day Workshop is based on Louise Hay's best selling book You Can Heal Your Life.

Identify and transform negative beliefs
Release resentments and old emotions
Learn techniques for personal healing in all
    areas of life
Experience a fuller understanding of the power
    of self-love
Learn mirror work, visualisation and the use
    of affirmations
Practise the techniques and welcome more of what
    you want in your life

This is the workshop developed by Louise L. Hay, internationally renowned metaphysical teacher and best selling author. It has helped many thousands of people to make positive changes in their lives. The workshop helps you gain deeper insights into old patterns and gives you tools and techniques to release more fully.

Completion of the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training course will enable you to teach this powerful workshop.

Should you wish to attend a workshop by one of our licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leaders please see our Directory of Teachers for details of trained teachers in your area.


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